Experience the

Timeless Music of Swing

Bringing the charm of the Crooners to your next event!


Top Class Tribute Show to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. From private parties to corporate affairs, from weddings to birthdays, he's the one who cares. For themed parties, hotels, or a theater stage, Dale's act will captivate and engage.

He's seen on cruise ships, TV, and ads so fine, wherever there's swing, he's there to shine. Now, he's groovin' down in Florida Bay, In St. Petersburg, where the Swing King holds sway.

So, what can you expect from this act so grand? A professional performance, oh so grand. A baritone voice that sets the mood right, for events that demand style and delight.

When it comes to occasions, there's no limit to his grace, He'll fill the air with swing at any place. Cocktail parties, corporate gigs, and so much more, The Swing King's act is what you're looking for.

So, whether it's indoors or under the sun's ray, Dale McCann's act is here to stay. He adapts to your needs, that's the key, for a swingin' good time, just let him be.

Unforgettable Performances

Well, gather 'round, folks, and let me tell you a tale, 'Bout a cat named Dale McCann, he's the Swing King without fail. Back in the day when life was oh-so-jazzy, Dale brought that swing, so sassy and classy.

He tips his hat to Frank and Dean; A tribute show like you've never seen. With a voice like velvet, a natural baritone, He croons and charms, just like ol' Blue Eyes shone.

His moves are smooth, his persona refined, He takes you back to a different time, To the days of the '50s, when swing was the craze, He sings, he masquerades in a nostalgic daze.

With songs by Sinatra, Martin, and Crosby, you see, Dale McCann recreates that golden glee. Using masterfully recorded backing tracks, He brings back the sound that time never lacks.